This blog is part of the series of blogs on some common pitfalls to avoid when implementing Continuous Delivery at Enterprise level. Missed the first pitfall? Click on this link at read about the importance of groundwork.

Pitfall #2: Not plotting the terrain

Knowing the terrain helps to travel better. Large enterprises are like rain forests. Rain forests have all kinds of animals and plants. Likewise, large enterprises deal with systems from different technologies, various COTS applications, different tools etc. So, plot your application landscape to have a clear and explicit picture of the terrain.

Heterogeneous application landscape is a fact of life in large enterprises. Key to responsiveness in such an environment is determined by the level of seamless integration between these systems and the governance process around it.

Delivering value to end customers often requires changes in different application blocks. It is not uncommon to have different system of records at each application block level.  Often these application blocks are not integrated because of technology limitations or governance model that is employed. It often leads to multiple independent delivery pipelines which still limits the flow.

Key questions:

  • Does your system of record provide you tractability from idea to production?
  • How tightly coupled are your key delivery pipeline tools? Is it easy to replace them?
  • Do you have different release management activities based on application blocks?
  • Who is keeping it up-to-date?


  • Create a landscape diagram which depicts tools, technologies
  • Create a concept to production timeline with all the tools and technologies that are used

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