Leadership Selfie – The most amazing tool for Leadership Development

During the last year at one of our international offsites, where the leaders from the different brands of Waada meet, we were challenged by a very big impediment – We are growing as a company at such a fast rate, how are we developing our current and next generation leaders?

We decided to do something cool apart from the leadership training sessions conducted quarterly and other similar ideas.

We together defined a bunch of skills and competencies a leader should be good at from strategic to operational aspects, plus some thoughtful questions to evaluate that.

We agreed that we do a self-evaluation every sprint ( 2 weeks) and discuss our self-evaluation with a peer leader (mostly in other business offerings in a different part of the world to ensure we get different perspectives).

Within a quarter we collected feedback from our people and realized that there was already some improvements in our leadership styles. Now we are using it for a year and it has become a strong tool/catalyst for continuous improvement of our leadership group at Waada.

Well how did filling in a Leadership selfie influence our leadership styles:

Most of the times self-reflection helps people on what their strengths and weakness are. Realization of what needs to change is the foundation for a positive change.

Self-Evaluating on a sprintly basis helps to keep the discipline of continuously looking at steps we took to make improvements and to check if it leads us in the right direction. Usually, leaders have a busy schedule to run an organization and other priorities take over, giving yourself 30 mins a sprint to self-evaluate turned out to be the perfect improvement cycle for us.

Reviewing your selfie with peers took it to the next level by changing the perspectives of looking at your own leadership style from peers who can sometimes give you eye-opening feedback and can help initiate massive improvements to one’s leadership style.

Hope this provides a framework to leaders who are looking at simple things which can help make massive improvements to their leadership style.

If you would like to use this tool for your own leadership development, you can reach me at r.sah@devon.nl or info@agilecockpit.com


Happy leading!



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