Social media hiring is a unique way of hiring a quality candidate. Most of the recruiters are successful in hiring from social media which is the reason why recruiters are concentrating on building networks. You have a better chance of getting a quality candidate from social media as they are more creative, confident and outgoing.

Job seekers are very specific in choosing their jobs, hence they do a lot of research about the company but also about the recruiter who reaches out to them with an opportunity.

The best candidates are part of some groups by using hashtags on LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is a great way to find potential candidates or to create more attention for your job postings. For example by using: #devjobs, #javaj2eejobs #bigdatajobs, #devopsjob

For an IT recruiter, GitHub and Stack Overflow are amazing sources for hiring. If you feel exhausted with the traditional ways of hiring, this blog may help you out in finding other ways to recruit the best talent.

GitHub is a repository which helps the developers to store the codes and share it with the public.

Stack Overflow is a platform where developers can post their questions so that other techies can help them with their advice.


1. Sourcing via GitHub

Finding talents from GitHub is always interesting, recruiters can create an account and search profiles by username, location, contributions, repositories, email address, etc.

In order to identify the candidates on GitHub, you can search by, location, language or number of followers.

In the GitHub search bar fill in: language:javascript location:Bengaluru followers:>10

X-Ray Search in Github

X-Ray Search is the process of identifying information from a particular domain/website. Here is the basic example: “javascript” Bengaluru “Java” Pune

Candidates would have mentioned the E-mail ID’s in their bio, but some candidates didn’t put it in their GitHub profile. To identify the mail ID’s the following steps can be used:

Example for fetching the Email ID:


2. Sourcing Via Stack overflow

Stack Overflow is a Q&A website on programming and other technical questions. This platform helps developers to solve their day to day problems which are posted by the techies and getting a response from the fellow developers.

How to identify talent via Stack Overflow

Stack overflow has information such as:

  1. Username
  2. Bio
  3. Location
  4. Member since
  5. Company info
  6. Profile views
  7. Reputations
  8. Badges (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  9. Tags
  10. Questions Asked
  11. Recent activity.

Recruiters can identify the weight of the profile under the activity tab by their reputations, tags, communities and the badges. Recruiters can also identify the username, location, social links like LinkedIn or Twitter.

“Reputation is a measurement of how much the community trusts you, earned by convincing your peers that you know what you are talking about.”


  • Gold badges are the highest honor.
  • A silver badge is to recognize contributions that have been favorites of the community.
  • Bronze badges are awarded to encourage participation.

#Tags represent the expertise and programming languages.

A recruiter can share these details with the hiring team. Based on their feedback, the right fit can be identified.


Benefits of social media hiring

The social channels play a vital role in sourcing and promoting the company culture. These are helpful in

  • Identifying the passive candidates.
  • Identifying talent without a resume.
  • Understanding a candidate’s interests. n understand about the candidate’s interest.
  • Validating the passion of candidates, not just from discussions, but with proof of contribution to the tech community.

Kindly share your feedback and Suggestions 🙂

Happy Reading!


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