Recruiters always love to source from various forum and always wanted to be engaged, the most loved tools for recruiter nowadays is Twitter.

Twitter can be used as a social hiring tool for recruiters to identify top talent, for sharing the knowledge, job posting, interacting, learning, branding etc.

It has 140 characters but if you play it right, you’ll be able to find the exact fit.

Before reaching out to the candidate, follow the profile and read the tweet to understand the candidate’s interest.

Twitter is a free tool there is no “recruiter” license like LinkedIn has. Still, it can provide ample info about the search. There is an advanced search option which helps to identify the candidate.

One of the best ways to find exactly what you’re looking out is via #hashtags, Twitter is a pretty crowded platform with an average of 50 million tweets sent per day. #hastags are the best way to filter all this information.

Search tools 


X-Ray Search is the process of identifying information from a particular domain/website. Here is the basic example: “JavaScript” Bengaluru “Java” Pune

Candidates would have mentioned their e-mail address in their bio, but some candidates didn’t put it in their GitHub profile. To identify someone’s email, you can use the following steps:

Example of fetching an e-mail address:

  1. To identify the mail Id,
  2. Open a GitHub profile.
  3. Copy the handle (the username from the link).
  4. Open a new tab and paste the below.
  6. Click CTRL+F and type mail.
  7. Now you can find the Email ID of the candidate.

Finding lists on Twitter

  1. subscribers members intext:list.subscribers intext:list.members “a public list” intitle:php
  2. (developer | programmer | engineer) (java | j2ee | struts) inurl:lists intext:list.members

Finding users (“* analyst” | “* engineer”) (Pune | Bangalore | Mumbai | Hyderabad) (java | j2ee | struts) -careers -jobs -inurl:status -recruiter -“looking for” -“hiring for”

Recruiting via Twitter is simple and effective. All you have to do is target the right audience. Make your Twitter profile a magnet and have followers, attract them with your tweets. Keep updating them about the job postings, post some videos about the company culture, summit etc. and create engagement with relevant information.

Feel free to share your views.

Happy Reading 😊


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