PROBLEM: When copying files from VMWare player to the host (Windows host in this case), you get “Cannot write to local file”.

SOLUTION: Make space. Clear temp and %temp% directories, on your operating system drive.
I was trying to copy 5 GB of files from my VMWare player guest OS Kali Linux to my Windows Host. VMWare player displays Copying file “part2.rar” from virtual machine and exits with “Cannot write to local file. Canceling the file copy operation.”.

This knowledge base from VMware hints disabling tempfs in Linux operating systems.

I looked at the temp and %temp%  windows directories and discovered the below temp location where VMWarePlayer copies the files from the VM Guest, and from there it copies to the destination directory in the host OS.

My Operating System drive C: was full, and I had to clear the temp directories and free up some space to do 5 GB copy operation from WMWare Player Guest Kali Linux to Windows Host.


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