Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a recruiter’s view:

The topic AI in recruitment has stormed many HR conferences by storm. Ever since the trend started in 2017, AI has taken over the world of recruitment with AI based recruitment software and tools.

The concept of AI is based on the idea of building machines which are capable of thinking, acting and learning like humans. As humans, we may forget passive candidates who have contacted us, but AI could actively build the relationship with these candidates and suggest the best time to reach out to them.

AI provides work efficiency; the errors are reduced and the chance of accuracy is increased. Using Artificial Intelligence technology, decisions can be made facter and actions can be carried out quicker.

Benefits of AI in recruitment:

  • Increase the quality of hire
  • Automate and save time
  • Reduce bias
  • Improve candidate experience

Chatbot – AI assistance:

“Hi there, just wondering how I can help you” you would have come across this popup when you visit some websites. These chatbots are called AI powered assistance, where AI is a very effective initial way of engaging with the candidates. The candidate’s communication via chatbot will be the major impact in recruitment, which helps the candidate to get instant feedback about the resume screening and real-time questions.

Chatbots can build the relationship and create a positive impact on the candidate. When they receive an instant response 24/7, frustrations will be limited and they can easily understand where they stand.

Areas where AI impact recruiters:

  • Resume screening
  • Candidate ranking
  • Re-engagement
  • Interview scheduling

AI-based tools can easily identify the potential candidate but screening the resumes for candidates and it helps to find the (prioritized) passive candidates. Recruiters invest lots of time in screening the candidates from the large pool of applicants. AI makes this process very easy.

Areas where AI may fail:

  • Candidate engagement
  • Community building
  • Analyzing cultural fit
  • Negotiation/personalization

Recruiters can maintain a relationship with candidates by having a chat over a coffee meeting/lunch where AI lags in this candidate engagement. AI may also fail to analyze whether the candidate fit the culture of the company and it is more difficult to provide an optimally personalized experience.

Amazon had built an AI tool to hire people, but had to shut it down, because it was discriminating against women:

Source: Business Insider

As AI is emerging in all types of business, some recruiters are afraid whether it will replace them, while others are exploring the trends of AI in recruitment. AI will help to ease the job of the recruiter, who should be aware of the new trends in the market and remain engaged with it.

AI helps the recruiter, but could not replace them.


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