The technique described in the article was originally described at, however navigating to that webpage takes us to the hosting provider and site no longer seems to be available.

Google does not have a cached copy. Luckily way back machine has a copy here –

And many things have changed in Azure since the non-existent article was posted. Just for redundancy and staying on the edge, here’s a paraphrasing.

  1. Create a new Mobile App via the Mobile App Quickstart (through App Services in Azure)

Give an App Name, Create new or Use Existing Resource Group, Chose an App Service plan / Location, could be a free tier app service

And wait for the deployment to complete

  1. Go to Quick Start for the newly created App service and choose Windows C# template

  1. Choose Step 1 Connect a database, click on theiicon so the Data Connections Blade opens

  1. Hit Add Data Connection
    Create a new database

  1. Create a new Server

  1. Now under pricing tier, you should see a new unlocked option called “Free” as in the screenshot below

Choose the Free tier, and hit Apply to see a 32 MB free database option

Now when you navigate to “Sql Databases” you should see the newly created database server. So that’s your free 32 MB database from Azure at your disposal. A free database of 32 MB can only be created one per region. So if you need another 32 MB database, then try to create a database in another region.


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