This blog will teach you how to create Selenium automation tests faster using Selenium Builder.

After my research, I found out there are multiple recorders available to create selenium scripts faster. These recorders will provide you a script with absolute the x-paths and are ineffective. I would suggest replacing those x-paths with relative x-paths of your own.

Let’s see how we can use Selenium Builder:

Selenium Builder comes as Firefox plugin only with older versions of Firefox (Not compatible with Firefox quantum and higher versions)


  1. Selenium Builder allows you to record the script.

2. Edit recorded scripts.

3. Play back Selenium 2 recorded tests from within Firefox.

4. You can save the tests as JSON files or export them to a wide range of language bindings.

Adding as Firefox Plugin:

Search for Selenium Builder and Click Add to Firefox button.

FirefoxPlugInOpening Selenium Builder From Firefox:
Restart Firefox and Katalon Recorder will be available as Menu option in Tools –> Web Developer –>Launch Selenium Builder.


Selenium Builder Recorder:

Click Launch Selenium Builder option and Recorder opens up.


While Recording:

Provide base URL and click Record Button. You can Check or Uncheck the option for Delete all cookies for this domain.


Adding Verification:

To add verification click on Record a verification button and click on the link or element. This will add an assert in the recorded script

Once finished recording click Stop recording Button.

Exporting recorded test:

To Export: Go to File –> Export option. Choose export format menu gets displayed with available export options.

Choose the desired option and save the recorded script by providing a name.


Exported code snippet:

Open the saved file and the code looks like below.

ExportedCodeWe can run the recorded script using Run menu option.

For more info:

How to use Katalon recorder for Selenium:


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