Agile methods are broadly introduced in organizations nowadays. In the first wave this normally means: new ways of working; e.g. using Scrum or Kanban. In the second wave, however, most efforts are invested in automation. This automation, or ‘Continuous Delivery’, means being ready to deploy to production whenever you want. To get to this point, all manual steps need to be fully automated. However, when implementing Continuous Delivery in practice, the first major impediment is often a total lack of test automation, which is crucial because automated deployment requires that a system is tested. As the Agile way of working uses short iterations, repeatedly testing the same thing over and over manually becomes too expensive, if feasible at all. For iterations last two weeks and common manual test cycles take days, weeks or even months. Test automation is an investment in knowledge and time but it will pay off quickly. The main contribution of this paper is to set up an approach for your situation towards a product that is validated by automated tests; repeatedly, continuously and reliably. The content of this paper consists of real-life  examples, tips and do’s & don’ts on how to start with test automation as an individual engineer. This paper helps individual team members with a pragmatic quick start on test automation.


Once convinced of the value of test automation, most practitioners ask themselves how and where to start. This whitepaper helps individual team members to start with test automation. It provides answers to common questions that team members have when starting with test automation. Furthermore, it helps to prevent from making the same mistakes that others have made before. Questions which are answered: where to start, what approach to follow, what tools to use, how to gain the knowledge needed etc. In addition, a checklist at the end of each chapter to help focus on the tasks at hand and to summarize the most important points.

Curious about the rest of the whitepaper? Download it here



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