Why Continuous Delivery?

The world is changing faster than at any time in human history. Companies like Apple and Google have set high quality standards for software that customers expect of all the software they use. To keep up with these changes, the demand for high quality andin order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to release software more frequently and build quality into your development process.

Developing and delivering more functionality in a shorter time is not just about automating manual actions by implementing a tool. Developers need to change the way they think and work. Instead of building functionality and incrementally adding quality, developers need to start with quality and iteratively add functionality.

  • Companies implement Continuous Delivery (CD) as a reliable software delivery process for advantages like:
  • A shorter time to market
  • Higher quality software
  • Faster and more frequent releases
  • Enabling Business Agility
  • Continuous Experimentation

We believe that Continuous Delivery also introduces a feedback loop that enables repeatability, reliability, predictability, maintainability and scalability. Continuous Delivery professionalizes companies and helps and stimulates teams to grow into craftsmen.

To read the full whitepaper and find out about common challenges and our approach, download it here.


This blog was written by Robert van Vark.


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