Great Global Teams

How to create great Global Teams that build great software?

We all know stories of offshoring and outsourcing experiences failing dramatically. Or
maybe you are one of the lucky few who has solely positive experiences. Listening to
these stories of misunderstandings, poor quality and deadlines not being met, might
give the feeling that leading a distributed team is setting yourself up for a waste of
time, money and energy.

However, the demand for qualified software engineers grows due to an increasing
dependency on software and and a lack of availability of them in the Netherlands and
many other Western countries.

So, the question should not be if we should do offshoring, but how to do it right? After
all, working globally with distributed or remote teams, is almost unavoidable.
So let us rewrite the story into a positive adventure. A story on finding passion in
connecting with people globally and setting up a team culture that engages and
challenges people on-site and remote. “I want a story on building great software”, I
hear you think. “I don’t need all that fluffy stuff on culture and values.” You do want
your teams to build working software that is better than that of your competitors,
right? So you need globally working teams that exist for success and high

We have learned that great teams build great software. In this paper we share how
to enable teams to become great and as a result: build great software, even when
working remotely. Most importantly, in this paper we show how the process of
building a thriving team is actually fun. It generates positive energy within yourself and
throughout your organization.

If you are interested to learn how to do offshoring well, via highly productive offshore
teams, please read on. You will discover how to turn your outsourced offshoring into a
positive adventure in which high performing Global Teams play the main part.

Download the whitepaper here




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